About us

Zakład Stolarski Jacek Misiak was established in 1985, before the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of communism in Poland. It was not a time for discussions about design. We just needed simple carpentry for construction. “Państwowe Domy Towarowe” (Domestic Furniture Center) became our main customer. A rapidly changing market and a human need for original design helped us develop the technology to build new forms with great style. This way, our company starting from the construction of kitchen furniture, office fit out and shop exhibitions, has developed to fulfill television, theater and concert scenography’s. 

Today we are open to realizing your ideas in building indoor and outdoor exhibition solutions & accessories, non-standard, forms for use in public places as well as bespoke items requiring innovative technology.
We are able to bring your ideas to life even if you are unable to describe it.
All designs are carried out on the Rhinoceros 3D software.

We always cooperate with you to build a design and we inspire you with innovations.




Carpentry makes you unique

Carpentry may to be an outdated way to have your interior furnished & decorated. Currently it is lost among the largest furniture factories. However we see society moving towards more sophisticated taste. Our future is in following original style.


Unusual design and technology

Today our company delivers custom design projects that you cannot purchase out-of-the-box. We use traditional technologies of wood, particle board, upholstery, metal and Plexiglas. Stage & TV Sets, Trade Fairs Exhibition & Display Solutions, Occasional Events Stands & Accessories in superior quality and original style.


We strive for harmony

Development and implementation of new forms of design. We use parametric design, based on organic forms. Nature and harmony creates timeless forms. Our desire is to imitate excellent performance functional constructions.