Carpentry, Design ...Polish carpentry dates back to the fifteenth century. The occupation first appeared in Krakow in 1948. That was a time of global economic growth, that caused the fast growth of cities and thus the production of utilitarian objects. That time the first school of Carpentry was established, Konarski’s school, where apprentices learned the basics of wood construction and furniture technology. Along with the carpentry occupation, new specializations like Architecture after Design have been developed. Carpentry seems to be an antiquated profession that disappears amongst the largest furniture factories specialized in mass production of identical items. However, the percentage of the society having a sophisticated taste is growing. The future is in following  original & unique styles. To get there, you need someone who will help you to create a pattern and uncommon form, tailored to you personality. Each of us is different and wants to stand out from the masses. In any form or pattern we are looking for our Ego.
Zakład Stolarski Jacek Misiak was established in the turbulent time of communism. It was a moment when consumer needs were not really demanding. Our nation was pleased with the fact that we could buy a front door for the kitchen cabinets. The hit of the time was paneling. Warsaw inhabitants used massive amounts of  paneling in their apartments.  It is still possible today to find the remains of the 80's in many apartments. It was pretty awesome. I still remember how my mom was stamping labels for cabinet front doors by their  thousands . Mass production was not the a goal of the family business. The main assumption was always innovation and uniqueness. And so it has remained to this day. 
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Carpentry makes you unique

Carpentry may to be an outdated way to have your interior furnished & decorated. Currently it is lost among the largest furniture factories. However we see society moving towards more sophisticated taste. Our future is in following original style.


Unusual design and technology

Today our company delivers custom design projects that you cannot purchase out-of-the-box. We use traditional technologies of wood, particle board, upholstery, metal and Plexiglas. Stage & TV Sets, Trade Fairs Exhibition & Display Solutions, Occasional Events Stands & Accessories in superior quality and original style.


We strive for harmony

Development and implementation of new forms of design. We use parametric design, based on organic forms. Nature and harmony creates timeless forms. Our desire is to imitate excellent performance functional constructions.