We make & deliver for you custom made design projects that you cannot purchase out-of- the-box.
Usually projects are prepared directly by:
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Marketing Departments
  • Architects
We also have the know-how to prepare projects  based on your requirements. We are skilled in CAD -CAM and graphics programs. We always want to meet the customer's requirements and provide positive market reactions to the ideas you bring. Together  we work out and confirm the final project  and then we execute it.

It is worth noting that our company is looking for personalized technology to provide the service. Depending on the quality needs and foreseen usage time of the product, we select proper materials to meet your expectations and budget.
We have a large amount experience in:
  • Stage, Television & Theatre Sets - any shape using any technology
  • Trade Fairs & Events – Modular Exhibition Displays & Stands, Custom Built Exhibition Stands, Exhibition Stands, Freestanding Cut Outs, Bespoke Joinery Services
  • Occasional Events - Indoor Shows & Events, In-store Promotion Stands, Medium & Small Size Exhibition Stands, Board Point Of Sale, Open Space Exhibition Stands, Public Exhibitions, Portable Exhibition Walls, etc.
  • Decorative elements in large construction projects – Hallway, Meeting Rooms, Reception, Showroom Displays
In addition to  classic wooden structures for realization of projects we offer:
  • Upholstering
  • Metal structures
  • Stickers, laminating, veneering, lacquering
The major materials we use:
  • Polish and exotic wood
  • Plywood, Glue board
  • MDF, HDF
  • Plexiglas, HIPS, DIBOND, Polycarbonate, AXPET
  • Other, as per your requirements


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Carpentry makes you unique

Carpentry may to be an outdated way to have your interior furnished & decorated. Currently it is lost among the largest furniture factories. However we see society moving towards more sophisticated taste. Our future is in following original style.


Unusual design and technology

Today our company delivers custom design projects that you cannot purchase out-of-the-box. We use traditional technologies of wood, particle board, upholstery, metal and Plexiglas. Stage & TV Sets, Trade Fairs Exhibition & Display Solutions, Occasional Events Stands & Accessories in superior quality and original style.


We strive for harmony

Development and implementation of new forms of design. We use parametric design, based on organic forms. Nature and harmony creates timeless forms. Our desire is to imitate excellent performance functional constructions.